You’ve Just Had a Taste of Heaven…

DSC_6320 cMelissa Ansley Brooks shared her Kingdom of Heaven experience at Richmond’s First Baptist Church yesterday, telling an overflow crowd what it meant to her to work with the Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School in the East End.  But apparently her KOH2RVA experience didn’t end there.  After hearing that First Baptist was setting off on a new mission–KOHX2 (Kingdom of Heaven times Two)–she came up with this idea:

Picture it — Hundreds of business card sized “KOHx2” cards in the hands of our church. On the front of the card are the words You’ve just had a taste of Heaven now pass it on. On the back of the card are two links. One to your new KOHx2 blog and one to a gmail account entitled: (it’s free)…with an invitation for the recipient to share their experience via email. (We could even include a telephone number for those without internet access that goes to an automated message box at the church where people can leave their message).

The direction to the congregation is to do these random acts of the kingdom wherever they are in the world. The vision: Picking up the cost of groceries for the person next in line…(slide them a card)…. helping out a neighbor with their snow removal…because it’s coming (hand them a card)… send a thinking of you note to a soldier in Afghanistan (enclosing a card)….and on and on and on. Random acts of kingdom kindness that can be spread across the city and the world. I want to see how far the cards can go and we can celebrate the thousands of stories and messages that will come in from all of God’s people.

Bringin’ the Kingdom 2.0

I think you can see why Melissa was chosen from among hundreds to share her energy and enthusiasm with the church yesterday.  Looks like she’s got plenty to share.

Bring it!

Jim Somerville, Pastor
Richmond’s First Baptist Church

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One Response to You’ve Just Had a Taste of Heaven…

  1. Lynne Miller says:

    Love the idea of a card to pass on. Hope we can locate a place at FBC where we can pick them up and get started.

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